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Where Do I Find Raw Data File?

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  • Where Do I Find Raw Data File?

    My dad has his DNA tested through Family Tree DNA in 2005 using the Y-DNA25 test. I would like to compare his DNA to mine in Gedmatch, but it is asking for his raw X-DNA file or raw Autosomal DNA file. He has an account on Family Tree DNA, and I'm able to see his Y-DNA results. I can't find anything that allows me to download any "raw" DNA (either X or Autosomal--I don't know the difference or if his test even counts for these), so that I can then upload it into GedMatch. Is it available on the site, and I just need to know where to look, or does he need another kind of DNA test done? Mine was through 23andme, so if I can't figure this out, I may just ask him to take that test as it was much easier for me to link to Gedmatch.

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    Unless he has taken the Family Finder test at Familytreedna, he will not have a Raw Data autosomal file.

    A yDNA test only tests the Y in the 23rd chromosome.

    For the other 22 autosomal chromosomes and X, you would have to order the family finder test via his upgrade button on his homepage.

    It is on sale for $89USD until Dec 31/2015 11:59pm CT .

    You can get an additional $5 off by using a coupon code listed in following document if any are left.


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      Where Do I Find Raw Data File?

      Hi, Prairielad. I tried to order the Family Finder upgrade for my dad, but it wouldn't let me, saying it already exists. I wonder if that's because he did the Y-DNA25 test. I sent you a private email. I'm not sure what to order now.


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        Providing your order history (complete order history) does not show ordering the Family Finder test (located on the left of your fathers homepage)

        Try a different browser and go to following webpage (do not sign in to fathers account)

        click on Add to Cart

        In the shopping cart, click on "Is Kit #1 for an existing customer?"

        and then enter your fathers kit number and password

        Will this allow you to order test?

        side note if you are able to order, check you fathers mystery reward, it may contain a Family Finder discount code for an additional discount
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          Where Do I Find Raw Data File?

          OK. I did what you suggested, and the item I had in the cart went away. I can order additional products: mtDNA plus for $69 and mtFull sequence for $199. Plus some other Y tests for males only that cost a lot more. Would the ntDNAplus test be enough to get the autosomal and X data if Dad already has the Y-DNA25? If not, I think I'll order him a 23 and Me test since I've had that one done, and I want to connect the two of us. It costs $199 as well.


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            at Familytree dna, the test for autosomal data (chromsomes 1 thru 22 and X) is only tested via the Family Finder test.

            YDNA and mtDNA deal with separate DNA.

            If you have ordered a Family Finder test already for your father, this will give you the Raw Data File for Gedmatch.

            If your 23andme test was done on the V3 chip, you can transfer your 23andme Raw data to FTDNA for $39USD as opposed to testing your father at 23andme for $199.

            If your 23andme test was done on the recent V4 chip, results can not be transferred to FTDNA at this time.


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              If the order history for your Dad's Kit does not show FamilyFinder being ordered, but you are unable to order it -- strongly suggest call Customer Service (because if that is the case, then there is a glitch someplace).

              Even now that Sale has Ended, FamilyFinder is only $99.

              And Advanced Matching will let you check for those who match your father on both the YDNA and FamilyFinder Test, as well as regular matching for checking each separately.