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was notified of my results today, confused

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  • was notified of my results today, confused

    I asked a lot of questions at family dna, but got more confused. below is one answer::::The mtDNA test found that your maternal line is European in origin. You have an unusual signature in our database, and there is only one other person in our database so far with that result.
    and that is not some one that is on the high, but the low list at that.
    then I got this answer, "For your results, we are looking at the mtDNA sequence identified as 16010-16570. At location 16145 instead of having a G, your sequence has an A. At location 16261 instead of having the C, you again have a T."
    so I am clueless. I saw a genealogy program that would tell you what percentage of Irish, Dutch, Native American you had, I thought that this would tell me, but alas, it does not. is there one that does?
    I saw the response here to Layla, and if no one else matches me, would it do any good? I am as lost as before I took the test. Also, you should join "". Once you put in your markers, you can see if you match if anyone and you could compare notes and see if you maybe you share a common ancestor.

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    What is your haplogroup?

    The percentage of ancestry test can be found at -
    Also see - - for matches to specific populations.



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      group is H but also has *U

      off my personal page on how to read your mtDNA certificate, and on my certificate I got today from your pob, (place of business) it shows that I have
      16145A,16261T,16311C,16519C ( a polymorphism, or mutation) and the differences from the CRS that are in mine)
      so I do infact have the T as describe below, so would you tell me now, what that means?
      why would there be a change in a gene or a chromosome and that may take the form of a chemical rearrangement or a partial loss or gain of genetic material, or even a change in the DNA sequence which in inheritable.
      Thank you for the link to the other sites, I will see what they can offer.


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        Your mutational differences from the CRS determine your haplogroup. The fact that you have rare or unusual mutations seems to be causing some ambiguity or uncertainty as to your haplogroup determination.

        The good news is that rare or unusual mutations can yield quite specific matches or information, in time - e.g. a link to a specific population from a specific region with a specific history that is unlike most others.

        Posting your results on mitosearch s a good idea, as finding matches is one way of getting getting to those specifics.

        FTDNA's mtDNA test samples only the non-coding region of the mtDNA, hence mutations in that region are without potential medical significance.