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  • Third Cousins?

    I have five test kits:
    F431580 is myself
    F362048 is my mother
    A449628 is my mother's second cousin (paternal line)
    F371429 is my mother's third cousin (paternal line)
    F449034 is my mother's third cousin (paternal line)

    My mother and her cousins all share a set of unknown 2x great grandparents.

    F362048 has matches as expected, ethnicity-wise. North Eastern European. The only surprise is FTDNA does not count her as a match to F449034. Gedmatch one-to-one shows matching segments, but not enough to be picked up I guess.

    A449628 is the same, pretty much as expected. But a much closer 3rd cousin level match to the curious F449034.

    F371429 has a surprising amount of Ashkenazi Jewish matches, along with the standard matches I'd expect. Matches as expected with other cousins, but a more distant 5th-remote cousin match to F449034. One note is that the only test in common with my mother F362048 is a Russian Jewish lady. Y DNA was completed for this test, as he is a direct male along the paternal line I am researching. Haplogroup is I-P37.

    F449034 has double the amount of Ashkenazi Jewish matches and only a few non-Jewish Eastern European matches. Matches A449628 at 3rd cousin level, F371429 at 5th cousin level, and no match at all to my mother F362048.

    So... conclusion I am drawing is... one of the unknown 2x great grandparents is either Ashkenazi Jewish, or has a recent ancestor who is, and somehow by luck my mother managed to inherit all the non-Jewish DNA from this couple, while F449034 inherited all or most of it?

    Is this possible? They are already in the unlikely category of being the 10% of third cousins who don't match each other! Or am I missing something here!