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    Just because your mom is half English doesn't mean she is going to get 50 percent European on a DNA test from that side of the family because DNA is inherited randomly.
    But how can that happen if we know that her mother definately came from Britain? Are you suggesting that if, for example, her father did have NA ancestry, that could dominate? If so, how would that work if he was only part NA? (He's been described as black hair, green eyes, possibly Italian-surely the green eyes would indicate he would only be part NA if at all?)
    I take it inheirited physical features couldn't indicate a possible "dominant" percentage either?


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      You're right. Physical features don't indicate how much DNA someone got. You can have a high percentage of matches with a specific race and not look like the stereotype. And having green eyes doesn’t mean that someone is only part Native American because light colored eyes exist in full blooded Native Americans. It's possible to get nearly 100 percent Native American on a DNA test and have green eyes.

      Yes, a person can inherit more genes from one parent than another. Suppose your mom's father was part Native American and part European. It’s only logical that his daughter would get 25 percent Native American on a test. But DNA is not that precise. She could get 30 or 40 or even just 20 percent. How? Don’t ask me. Ask God.