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Difficulty interpreting Gedmatch admixture

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  • Difficulty interpreting Gedmatch admixture

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    In order to make sense of raw Gedmatch admixture percentages you need to either compare your percentages to reference samples which are sometimes posted by the designers of the admixture on their blogs or compare yourself to others, especially others who share a similar ancestry. You can try Anthrogenica for admixture comparison threads, or you might even find one here, or search for the official blogs of the admixture designers. Being East Asian, you will likely have trouble finding a lot of people to compare to so you might even consider contacting DNA matches to see if they would consider comparing with you.

    Another good indicator is running the oracles, I like the oracle-4, which can generally tell you how closely you compare to various reference samples, the lower the genetic distance, the closer you are and the larger the genetic distance, the less genetically similar you are.


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      I apologize for intruding on this thread, but I had a question: Does anyone know the difference between W. Siberian & E. Siberian? Would I be correct in assuming E. Siberian was more indicative of Native American or Inuit ancestry?