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why mother daughter test?

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  • why mother daughter test?

    So I was picking through my daughter in laws results and see the top two matches and they are a mother and daughter. Probably 3rd cousin-ish for the mother at least.

    So why would a mother and daughter both test? Would this mean they are looking for someone?

    She tired to contact them on 23andme and didn't get a reply.
    Now we see them again on GEDmatch. Waiting now for an answer. Curiosity is killing the cat "me".

    thanks Alan

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    The daughter has her own paternal line. Of course on the daughter's maternal side, the mother goes a generation further back. If one can test both, there is no reason not to in my opinion.

    As for why they won't answer is another question.



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      Thanks Jack!

      I am not 100% sure I know what you mean. I am thinking it gives you an advantage looking at matches from the perspective of two people? Maybe flushing out more distant cousins?



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        Each chromosome comes in pairs
        We each have 46 single chromosomes, 23 from our mothers and 23 from our fathers.

        A child receives a random half of each parents DNA.
        Each of the parents pairs randomly recombine with each other to give a single chromosome passed on to child.

        With one parent tested, the not in common with matches on childs match list would potentially** be connected to childs opposite parents line.

        **There are exceptions to this due to the nature of FTDNA matching alogrithms matching criteria which can cause an under 20cM segment to show in child but not tested parent.
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          Originally posted by 1alan1 View Post
          Thanks Jack!

          I am not 100% sure I know what you mean. I am thinking it gives you an advantage looking at matches from the perspective of two people? Maybe flushing out more distant cousins?

          Yes. In particular, if only the mother tests, you cannot find cousin relationship that the daughter has via her father's lines. The matches that she has via her mother's line should show up even stronger with her mother's kit.



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            If one parent is missing, testing the other parent and the missing person's children and close relatives can also allow you to recreate most of the genome of the missing parent at Gedmatch. I have created such a Lazarus kit for my deceased mother-in-law, using her husband, son and siblings.


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              I have had myself, my mother, and my paternal grandfather tested. For one, it makes it immediately obvious which of my matches are from my mom's side and which are from my dad's side, and more specifically since I tested my grandfather, which paternal grandparent they are from too. This greatly helps narrow down the options when figuring out how you are related to a match.

              Additionally, yes, it provides more matches who are a match to my mom or grandfather but not a match to me. For this reason, I will likely have my dad tested at some point as well, to give me more matches on his mother's side.


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                I am a woman who is searching for my father and my only hope at this point is genetic testing. My mother refuses to help me, but I wish she would because it would help me eliminate a great number of my matches that are on her side so I can focus on only my father's side.

                My half brother (we share the same mother) agreed to test so it has helped some, but it would have been significantly better if my mother would test.

                I wonder if they are searching for the the woman's father. If your daughter-in-law can see both of these women, then she is related through the mother's line. If they are focusing on matches who are not obviously on the mother's line, then that might be why they haven't replied to your daughter-in-law's message. It's a daunting, overwhelming, and sometimes infuriating process trying to identify a paternal link through DNA testing, so if that's what they are doing, they might just be overwhelmed and find it even more daunting to respond to someone who is known to be on the other side of the family.

                That's just a guess though. There could be other reasons that both women have tested. Either way, I hope they find what they are looking for.


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                  Finally after a month they answered. Still unsure why they both tested. The daughter has a brother too, but he didn't test. So they might have tested just for fun.

                  They do not know of any link to my daughter in law. However she contacted an orphanage near Misawa air base to see if they know anything. Which is really nice of her to do, I doubt they will reply.