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    I have worked on my families history for years but just recently did the Ancestry autosomal DNA test, which I promptly transferred here. I want to use the DNA results to solve a problem but really don't know where to start.

    The problem is, on my fathers side 5 generations back, my 3rd great grandmother was a slave and her son, my 2nd great grandfather was illegitimate, ie. father unknown. There were family rumors that we were part Cherokee, but no, I am just over 2% Africa North with no mention of American Indian DNA. Nothing from the historical slave trade areas of western or central Africa either.

    My goal is to find my families actual surname.

    Any suggestions?
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    OK let me answer my own question in case someone else stumbles across it...

    While messing around in the chromosome browser, I found the option to sort my matches by Common Surnames. Just like that my problem got solved.

    There was a story in my family that we were not actually Garrett's but were instead Dales. I never heard the whole story and sadly I don't know if I ever will at this point. But the science doesn't lie.

    Of the 64 close matches found over half were of the common surname Dale. Cool! I felt like I like was on CSI or Bones! No wait them folks get killed...

    A handful of matches were for the surname Garrett so I have that bloodline in me as well... Someone had to give us the name. Maybe an uncle or my 2nd great grandfather himself took the Garrett name for some unknown reason. He was listed as Mulatto on the 1870, 1880 Census. He was born in 1853 so he could have been a slave, who was later freed as well.

    But all that is speculation and leaves a mystery to work on in my spare time.


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      Same happened to me

      I did ancestry DNA also...found lots of people that I knew I was related to...once the transfer happened at FTDNA, there's all these people (some of which I'm definitely sure I am not related to). Maybe they dropped the dna on the dirty counter?? Not sure...still trying to make sense of it.



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        Originally posted by PaddyG View Post
        My goal is to find my families actual surname. Any suggestions?
        Are you male or female?