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Estimating Japanese cousins

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  • Estimating Japanese cousins

    This is kind of a multi part question.
    I lived in Japan for four years. Everyone I knew there had one or two children, never seen more than two. Has this always been the case? I kind of think they were larger families maybe back say 1900.

    Now if everyone has average 2 children how many 3rd and 4th cousins would you end up with?
    I tried to figure it out and come with very very low numbers. Then I read a post on line and the numbers were huge, like 190 for 3rd cousin and 940 for 4th cousin. My math skills must be horrible.

    Thanks Alan

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    The Japanese population is now shrinking at the rate of about 1,000 people every day.

    On the subject of your wider question one of my favourite blogs on this topic is at..

    There is a cool chart about a third of the way down the page that shows the number of cousins someone might have based on the birth rate in their country.



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      Earl Davis,

      Thanks! Well that is about what I worked out. Except I started out with two sets of GGG grand parents. But that would just be the individuals line upward parallel to the cousin line. I think I understand.
      Now I need to work out 19th century family size.



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        Post to myself....
        I found little blurb, prior to WW2 Japan's family size was about 3 children per family. After WW2 it dropped way down
        I think under 2.


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          Mind boggling

          Reminds me of the fact that no matter who we are and where we are, we are certainly not alone. Anyone who says they have no relatives is only ignorant of the true facts.