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DNA and Physical Appearance

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  • DNA and Physical Appearance

    How likely is our physical appearance to be reflected in ones autosomal DNA?

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    On GEDMatch they used my DNA to almost tell me my eye color, including all the secondary characteristics except for the yellow ring around the pupil - so I'm sure they can tell a lot more than that and don't know how to yet or don't for privacy reasons - after all DNA is like the keyed lock that allows for the coding that creates a key for.


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      Physical appearance comes from autosomal DNA but some of the information in the autosomal DNA deemed private is stripped from the Family Finder test.

      Mark D. Shriver, a professor of anthropology and genetics at Penn State University created DNA generated digital images of the faces of people that work at the New York Times. They colleagues could not guess who the image belonged of one person who was an Ashkenazi Jew. There are a lot of white people working at the NYT so there were a lot of possible people that the face matched.

      A woman that is half-Korean was easily identified. There were probably few people with half-Asian features that work at the NYT so it was easier to identify her knowing that it was a colleague. They would not have been able to pick her out of a crowd of half-Asians.

      I think that they used DNA results from 23andme for the experiment.