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  • Distant Ancestor Feature?

    Hi, I am new new to DNA testing and have just done a raw data transfer from ancestryDNA to here. I have noticed though, while looking at my distant ancestors (The green and orange buttons on the bottom right in my origins) that some of them appear twice in different locations on the map. They also all seem to only be relatives to my paternal grandfather. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Thanks!

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    The most distant ancestors is really only relevant to y-DNA or mtDNA testing. If you haven't done these tests, there's not much point in filing out this option. Your most distant paternal ancestor is supposed to be your direct paternal line - ie, your father's, father's, father, etc. And the same for maternal - your mother's, mother's, mother, etc.

    As for appearing twice - if your matches have filled out both paternal and maternal most distant ancestors, naturally, they will have two pegs - one for maternal and one for paternal.