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    I have searched GEDMATCH forums and have also posted on GEDMATCH forums and have not found an answer to my question. I know a lot of people on this forum use GEDMATCH, so maybe someone can help me. I loaded a gedcom on GEDMATCH for Mrs. "A", but the point person comes up with Mr. "B" who is a spouse of a relative of Mrs "A". When I click on the gedcom, it comes up with Mr. "B" and since Mr. "B" has no ancestors or descendants on this gedcom, there is no way to navigate to Mrs. "A" or anyone else. Has anyone else had this problem of changing the point person and is there a fix.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Can you click on his spouse (Relative of Mrs A) to navigate that way?


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      Thanks for the reply. "Spouse" is not one of the options. The options at the top are "Home", "Pedigree", "Descendants" and "Search". I produced the Gedcom from FTM 2014 selecting all ancestors of Mrs A. with "1" generations of descendants. Using this criteria, Mr "B" would have no ancestors or no descendants. Mr. B does have a spouse who is a relative of Mrs. A., but Mr. B's spouse does not show up on Mr. B's page. I used this same gedcom to load back into FTM 2014 and also the FTDNA family tree and the spouse is definitely in the file. So I don't think the Gedcom is corrupt. ***** Another question. Have you found a way to make the gedcom for loading FTDNA family tree use the correct birth date. For example, I have multiple birth dates, i.e. 1900 census and death certificate (which is the preferred FTM date). But FTDNA picks up the census date. Thanks.