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  • help on 12-marker

    Hello - for any who know a lot and can crunch things down for me.

    My 12-marker came back:
    2-step O2 (Chinese Ethnic Minority),
    3-step O (Unknown) apparently Chinese-Asian
    4-step O, O1 Indonesia, O1 Micronesia, O2 China (Chinese Ethnic Minority), O2 China (Han) [Plus some European haplos that do make sense]

    I don't bear any customary physiologic Asian markers. I was blond until 10, I've always been blue-eyed, I can tan well. The best I knew my grandfather was Jewish and/or English, and my surname is an Anglicization of a Scottish clan (which is why I got this done, and have been astoundingly surprised.)

    Can someone hard-core explain to me how the 2/3/4-step works? I believe it means I genetically resemble someone who thinks or knows they're Chinese/ect. Which of these represents the oldest patrilineal ancestor? Am I being told that my oldest patrilineal ancestor was Chinese or Asian, or that a fairly recent patrilineal ancestor was Chinese or Asian? I'm aware that various Chinese genes came through India and then through Rome, also across the Steppes, and may have gotten to the UK during the Roman occupation or Norse invasions. Somehow, being told I'm "Ethnic Chinese Minority" rings a loud bell. Any help? Any plausible scenarios?