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  • H16 & Dazed & Confused

    I've been assigned to haplogroup H16, yet try as I might, I'm struggling to understand why. Having explored the 'H' and 'H16' project sites, I've noted that my string of HVR1 and HVR2 mutations do not fit with others assigned to H16… additionally, I am missing a mutation which I understand is one which defines the haplogroup (16189T). I did read a post at the following forum ( which offers two plausible reasons for my situation (I'm paraphrasing and substituting my assigned haplogroup into the explanations in the following):
    A. I don't belong to haplogroup H16, or haplogroup H at all… or
    B. I do belong to haplogroup H16, but have an additional mutation which cancelled out 16189T… a back mutation…
    The explanation also refers to the principle of Occam's razor which accounts for my having been presumed to fall into category B, and that leaves me feeling less than confident. Sooo…. is it at all possible I don't belong to haplogroup H16 or H? Not that I mind being in this group… not at all… it's just there's this long family history of Mi'kmaq, Abenaki, Innu and other Algonquian heritage… and I'd like to be certain.
    With many thanks if anyone can offer insight…

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    I think it is better to continue in just one thread (the other one ).

    In case it was not obvious from the other thread, you are H. And that is not going to change. The filed is still rapidly evolving and although you are H16, that region of the mtDNA haplotree might be (again) redrawn some years from now.

    Mr. W


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      Thank you Mr. W.
      I appreciate the confirmation… that helps me feel I can rest a little easier. Take care,