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Inheritance of the X gene?

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    Originally posted by hansonrf View Post
    I was circling back on this topic and found this gem [the link and screenshots...] posted by Prairielad. Absolutely awesome.

    Many of us will never be able to accumulate this data on out own.


    I might suggest pulling this out and flagging it as a tutorial somehow. This and Matt Dexter's 4-Grandparents Phased chromosome browser screenshots.

    Bob H.
    Thank you, your welcome.
    It took a lot of work to get that data as I manually phased 14 immediate/close family members Raw Data in a spreadsheet, chromosome by chromosome, based on how we all shared with each other, then extracted all the crossover points.

    Hope it helps other visualize/understand how when inherit different amounts of each ancestor as well as inheriting the same ancestor but not matching due to each person inheriting a different section of that common ancestor.
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