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Questions about Y-Halplogroup I Determination

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  • Questions about Y-Halplogroup I Determination

    Good Afternoon,
    I recently received my data and have been really trying to dig through it all to get a handle on the analysis. According to some third party software runs, my paternal haplogroup is I, while 23andme identified it as J2 (no further subclades). In looking through the data I have the P-38 mutation for I, but I don't see any subclade determinations (there is a no call for P-40). Just curious if this may be worth exploring further.

    I am trying to talk my dad into testing as well so I have another Y connection to compare it to.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Here is one possible explanation:

    According to YFull, three independent instances of P38 have been found:
    − P38 • PF3708 J-Y5500
    This position for SNP is not in the YTree
    − P38 • PF3708 J-Y15952
    This position for SNP is not in the YTree
    − P38 • PF3708 I

    In other words, P38 is often simplistically used as a signal mutation for I, but it has also occurred within J-Y5500 (which is within J2) and J-Y15952 (which is within J1).


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      Wow thanks for the info!

      These determinations do not appear to be as clear cut as I had thought.

      It may also be worth noting that I have the P-285 mutation for R, and the PF-6234 mutation for R1a1.