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  • Matches on Several Chromosomes

    I have a new match on GEDMATCH that does not have a GEDCOM loaded. I compared his kit to mine and I see matches on several chromosomes. He was a mystery to me. Later, he contacted my father when he saw the match because he is the son of my grandmother's cousin. Could the number of matches mean he is related to me through some of my other ancestors as well? I often find people are related to me in more than one way since my families were colonial and most funneled through Kentucky in its early days.

    1 72,017 10,880,306 23.4 2,768
    7 97,482,563 107,204,149 9.6 2,074
    8 154,984 5,781,933 12.9 3,041
    14 18,397,823 23,828,745 15.9 1,624
    19 5,955,105 23,180,760 29.6 3,932

    Largest segment = 29.6 cM
    Total of segments > 7 cM = 91.4 cM
    Estimated number of generations to MRCA = 3.6

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    Why don't you contact this distant relative and find a way to compare trees? You'll get your answer, then. Much of my family is from Maine and Colonial American. Many ancestors are related via different paths.