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how can you tell if a segment triangulation is ibs or ibd?

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  • how can you tell if a segment triangulation is ibs or ibd?

    several days ago, i mentioned on the gedmatch forum in regards about my maternal grandpa's dna if it confirms or denies family lore about distant converso/sephardic heritage. someone n the forum found that my grandpa had matches that were askenazi jewish and even triangulated with some of them on chromosome 9 and like about 2 or 3(i forgot how many exactly) also triangulated with my mom on chromosome 9 as well. is there a way to figure out for 100% certainity that these segments are 'jewish'/hebrew/ancient israelite markers or not. i want to see also if these segments do actually indicate a distant ancestor or just by chance are similar(IBS)

    my grandpa's gedmatch kit is A962940

    edit: the reason i wanna be careful about trusting family lore is because there was another one of those on my mom's side of the family about her paternal grandmother having a great-grandmother from france, which i found out from simple paper trail research, wasn't true at all.
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    If you take a look at the matches on #9 with your grandfather using the graphics bar, you will see bands of green on those matching segments for "base pairs with full match". I call those situations "reconstructed segments". It comes from having more than one path to a common ancestor. I find them to be good matches, but the estimate for number of generations to MRCA will be closer than the relationship really is.

    Jack Wyatt


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      yeah i'm thinking that if we share a common ancestor, it's over 500 years ago