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    My cousin who did our DNA test has in 12 markers quite a few people of different surname from his, but they are the same name, i.e. they are all Lucas. Now as I understand 12 marker means you are related, and you refine from there. What I want to know does this mean anything that all these Lucas show up? I am at a brick wall on an ancestor in the 1600s and there is another man who could be his father who married a Lucas, could that mean anything that Lucas has shown up in my cousin matches. My cousin is older person in his 70s and as I understand more of the ancestor DNA is in his as opposed to his son or grandson would be. Janet

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    Your Cousin needs to test more markers to resolve this question. Although any male descendent of that family y-DNA line could be tested. The ONLY practical reason for testing a family elder is to establish a baseline from which to assess the rate of change in family DNA lines. You could test that Cousin's male children and, probably, on a 12 marker test, there would be no change. There are other y-DNA tests that assay markers (STR's) that are more liable to change.

    There are a couple possible explanations for the match to the Lucas family - adoption, extramarital affairs, etc. but more tests and more genealogy are needed. You might also contact the Lucas family tested to see if they can shed any light on the question. Why not get your Cousin into a Surname Project?

    The possible ancestor who married a Lucas woman would not have Lucas y-DNA combined with his paternal y-DNA - that Lucas woman had ZERO Lucas y-DNA to share with her mate and y-DNA does not recombine.

    Hope this helps,


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      Thank you so much for asking this. You probably won't believe this but I was coming in here to ask the very same question. Dad's surname is Thompson yet we had several Fletchers in his results