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What non-FTDNA DNA tools have you found useful

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  • What non-FTDNA DNA tools have you found useful

    Just curious because I would check out more and see what I like best. Websites and/or downloadable software (or software from stores). Looking for great sites for consolidating and tracking data and matches.

    I know about ySearch for yDNA
    I use Gedmatch (but haven't paid for more tools yet)
    I use Genome Mate and like that as well.
    I have also done a dna test for ME at Ancestry, but I don't plan to do other family members there. Might eventually do the same at 23andme... just MY results.

    Anyhow, I have the following kits I am tracking:
    Mine: FF/mtDNA
    Husband: FF/mtDNA/yDNA
    Our 3 kids: FF
    My mom: FF
    My dad: FF/yDNA/maybe mtDNA?? Can't remember
    My Paternal Grandfather: FF but I will add more later

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    For FF I like the ADSA tool at

    Sadly it's not working right now.