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Ordering generic kits for a reunion?

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    Thanks for the suggestions Kevin!

    For me, my mom's line I have a lot of deceased relatives. It will be tough! I only have 1 FF match where I have figured out the puzzle of the match. Not enough family finders to work with. I do hope someday to get in contact with my grandpa's nephew whom I haven't seen for 25 years... but I don't know how that would go! For now, I am just grateful of all the family tree information I HAVE found in my research.

    My dad's line... MUCH EASIER. We have an extensive family tree already. 5-6 generations minimum per line, many going back many centuries. I already have my dad's yDNA and it has already matched the 1700's paternal line patriarch. We have also had plenty of matches on many of my paternal lines. So far all DNA matches that I can find the link for, seem to only confirm what I already know. I could start passing out DNA kits at a family reunion, but it really doesn't seem necessary for those I have access to. The only one I still want as of right now is my paternal grandmother. Maybe soon!

    Oh, my husband's family is much more difficult than my mom's family. Again, deceased and hardy anyone left. I did get lucky and find his mom's paternal tree because of 2 very important matches. I don't think I will find much for a long time on other lines for him. What is funny though, the only line I have been able to work with is his grandmother's father's line. She knew NOTHING about it.