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    So, two matches I have been linked to is the following and being a neophyte, I could use some enlightening:

    1) Son is matching at approx. 180 cMs. Identified as a 2nd cousin

    2) His mother is matching at approx. 192 cMs and is being identified as either a 2nd cousin or a 1st cousin once removed.

    All Cms segments 7>
    ranges 9-37 cms. both have about 12 matching segments

    My maternal haplogroup does not match the mother's maternal line ( I am C1c). And looking at gedmatch, it is not a x match with mother.

    My questions are:

    Which generation would I need to look at to find my direct relative?
    Would it be a male that married a female with the C1c haplogroup to make it all nice and neat?

    Thank you for the assistance in advance!