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  • DNA - Paternal??

    A distant cousin has chosen to have DNA test after I suggested yDNA to possibly expose the 'real' Ulster surname. He ordered through Ancestry DNA. I am nervous. It looks to me like Ancestry does not do "yDNA" tests.

    Is that true???


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    You are right. The only test AncestryDNA do is autosomal. You could suggest to your cousin that after receiving his results he does a transfer to FTDNA then subsequently takes a Y-DNA test here.


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      Thank you, LynCra - This distant cousin is a person I do not know. I could not believe my eyes when he replied yes and that he had been online and ordered the test. Exciting to have someone respond and act so quickly! I was afraid that he and one of three others would not be interested. So lucky. I just wrote to give him the news. I hope he will be interested to continue and do the yDNA. I had offered a couple of times to contribute.

      I was relieved to see and receive your answer so that I could alert him.


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        Good luck. Even though he has taken a different approach to what you expected it should still help be useful for you. Ancestry will give him more autosomal matches, but transferring to FTDNA will give him a chance to fish in a differenct pool and some more advanced analysis tools. If he also transfers his results to he will get additional tools. All of this should get him interested enough to go on and do the Y-DNA test.