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    Kiisa, from what you've written, I think you are looking at your match list for your mtDNA, when you say "My dna results were russian, italian....," correct? And you are seeing people who show their ancestor's name, along with a country. I'm not familiar with mt haplogroup T2a1, but if it's like many others, it's no doubt found in many places.

    It's likely that no one from your particular ancestral area has tested their mtDNA yet, who would be that close of a match to you. I see this in my own and other relative's results - all sorts of countries of origin, but few of the right places.


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      Thanks for the reply! On what I assume is the match page, there is no ancestors name , nor country listed.. Am I looking at things incorrectly?


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        Kiisa, when you login to your account, you're on the "myDashboard" page. You can either use the drop menu at top left, "myFTDNA," and then go to mtDNA, click on that, then choose Matches. Or, just click the button in the mtDNA section for Matches (to the right of the "Your Account" column).

        This will give a screen that has some choices at the top (Show Matches for, Region, Matches Per Page, Last Name Starts With, etc.). If you've done the FMS test, it starts with the region set to "HVR1, HVR2, Coding Regions." That will work for a bit and give you your list of matches in that region. You can change it to look at "HVR1, HVR2" or only "HVR1" results.

        Not all matches will show a Most Distant Ancestor, but many will. Some put just a name, others put name and location of the ancestor. Beware of anyone who shows a male name, as they do not understand that the mtDNA line is directly passed from mother to daughter through history, so must be a female; no males are in the direct mtDNA line (although males inherit their mother's mtDNA, they do not pass it on).

        If you are not on the page I described above, what is the title of the page you are on, when you see the results you've seen? It should say "mtDNA - Matches."
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