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?contradictory STR and haplotype result?

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  • ?contradictory STR and haplotype result?

    In my family Y-DNA group there are 18 participants, including descendants of both sons of our 17th century founder. At 67 STR markers I am the only one that completely matches the mode. However my haplogroup is the only one said to be “confirmed” as R-Z160 (no one is “predicted” R-Z160), and 14 members of the group have a “predicted” (but no one “confirmed”) haplogroup R-M269. At 67 markers there are 7 participants who differ from me by a single marker, all of who have a variant of my surname. One of these has a “confirmed” haplogroup R-U106, and the other 6 have “predicted” haplogroup R-M269. If I recall correctly, for several of these the predicted haplogroup recently changed from R-U106 to R-M269. The one other “confirmed” R-U106 differs from me by 13 steps. How is it possible that I can be the mode in this group and have a confirmed haplogroup that is neither confirmed nor predicted for anyone else? How is it that someone with my surname who differs from me by only one Y-DNA67 step can have a different confirmed haplogroup?
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