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adopted, what do i do now?

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  • Lost-Sheep
    Wow! The name, "Roberto Hernandez" is to the Latino community as "John Smith" is to the American or English scene, i.e., there are probably a lot of them.

    You might be able to get his military records from the FOI office. Also, there are detectives that could most certainly find him if he is still alive. You are nevertheless very fortunate. You actually know the name of your biological father and a lot of folks around this corner of cyberspace who are resorting to DNA do not.

    Hire someone who knows how to find is your best bet...

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  • yvieraku
    Guest started a topic adopted, what do i do now?

    adopted, what do i do now?

    my name is candice and i was adopted. i have since been reunited with my birth mother and step-father, whom i have have always know as dad. the problem is that my biological birth father never stepped forward to claim me as his when the adoption was being finalized. i know some things about him, but i can't seem to locate a good way to search for him without all his info. his name is roberto hernandez, he was in the army-stationed in germany in 1981.frankfurt au main. that's it, i know that he left grmany and came back to the states in november of 1981. that's all i have. does anyone have a clue on how to get more information??? without going crazy?