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  • Why test?

    I am trying to wrap my head around why some people test. After a long paper trail journey I had this idea I would do DNA testing to open a few doors.
    I took FF,Y67 and Mtdna full sequence test.Full sequence is on schedule,Y67 is delayed and FF came back ahead of schedule.
    Here is what I am confused about. My first FF results resulted in a 277cM (known relation), a 231cM and a 179cM who are previously unknown to me. I sent a email and received a reply tepid to be sure. The respondent indicated he was the 179 and the 231 who was a family member he was acting as a administrator for.
    I had given possible surnames to him and his basic response was I am sure your a better match to the relative. No suggestion where the match may be, what geographical area for possible matches, NADA. The profile on Family Tree is private as well.
    I just don't get it and was wondering why someone might be so closed.