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    I convinced my brother to submit DNA for the Council Project which just started. I am the genealogist, the searcher, the recorder. He just would like me to dispher everything for him. So I could not submit DNA for the Y-chromosome project, what does that leave me? How can I still participate?

    He will not post his family tree because I have it and I am the who does the tree. I am confused.

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    This is not a problem. I see the same thing in the Blair DNA Project all the time. It doesn't make any difference who orders the kit or whose name the kit is in or who submits the pedigree chart as long as the actual sample is from a male.

    In your case you can order the kit in your name and have it sent to either your address or your brother's. Just make sure you indicate the testee is a male. You can also submit the pedigree chart using either your name or your brother's (the ancestral line is the same either way). When you get the kit get your brother to provide the samples and then mail the samples back. It's as simple as that.

    FTDNA doesn't care whose name is on the test as long as the sample is from a male. They don't need to know the name of the person actually providing the sample. If your project administrator has a problem understanding this have them contact me off-list.

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