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    At the end of March's National Geographic article on an indiginous North American tribe being tested by the Genographic Project for their ancestral liniages, a tribe member joked, "I hope they don't find out that I'm a Swede."

    Well, I'm adopted, but I thought I was a Swede, Finn or Norwegian (or at least Norman English). I have blonde hair, blue eyes, tall frame and my kids take after me. Lo and behold, I'm E3b.

    It seems the skin colour part of race has more to do with a few generations of different vitamin D levels vis a vis the angle of sun on your skin. (Btw, keep an eye on the D3 they're stuffing into commercial milk!)


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      As a Spanish-speaking person, I have been looking for the definition of race in both a Dictionary of American English and an English (UK) Dictionary. The former says that race is any group into which humans can be divided according to their shared physical characteristics, such as skin color or hair color and type, or their common genetic characteristics, such as blood type .
      In the latter, one can read that race is a group, especially of people, with particular similar physical characteristics, who are considered as belonging to the same type, or the fact of belonging to such a group.
      "Who are considered"; "can be divided".
      In the first sentence, we are dealing with a fact. In the second (the American case), we find an optional concept, and a more cautious definition.
      Of course, lynching black people has never been a frequent action in the UK, so the Brits may feel more relaxed about this issue. Anyway, they committed racial atrocities far from their home. Who is innocent?

      Yet, I'd like to insist that the concept of race, or its equivalent, human population, are useful for scientific and medical purposes, and should not be plainly rejected because of its ideological implications.
      More stuff about this: