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    Iam new in this forum and English isn't my mother tongue so I hope that all you can forgive me for my mistakes.
    First I did the test with the Genographic Project and they said that I belonged to H haplogroup. Later I ordered the Refined test with Familytreedna and now I know that I belong to H1 specifically. I have in HV1 the mutations 16129A and 16519C. I think that I have any mutations in HV2 because they don't indicate anything about it.
    I really don't know if with the Refines test,the HV2 it's tested or not.
    OK, I'd to know if someone has the same mutatios as me. I'd really like hearing from him/her.
    As far as I know all my family comes from the North of Spain.Exactly from Basque Country and surroundings areas.
    To tell the truth, I am a little bit "lost". There are a lot of things to read and to discover.!!
    Kindest regards for everybody
    from Begoña.

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    Have you seen ? Click on Search For Genetic Matches at the top and place your mutations in the boxes. You'll find matches there.


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      Thank you Haplogroupc, I'll look at there.