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A Note about VOLUNTEER Project Administrators

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  • A Note about VOLUNTEER Project Administrators

    As a Project Administrator (PA), I have on occasion been asked if I am paid by FTDNA, or receive a commission on sales.

    PAs do NOT receive any financial compensation from FTDNA, nor do they receive commission on any sales they may generate. Their only "compensation" is satisfaction in increasing the knowledge base to their own field of interest.

    PAs are folks who have expressed a desire to assist in whatever way they can with either a surname, geographic location, or haplogroup.

    As with any such groupings, each PA has their own individual strengths and weaknesses. PAs should be fairly knowledgeable about either the surname, geographic location, or the haplogroup they are assisting with.

    As an example, you should not expect a haplogroup administrative team member to be an expert on every surname which falls within their haplogroup. However, it is reasonable to expect a haplogroup administrator to have more knowledge about the haplogroup than the sales team or help desk at FTDNA.

    I personally feel one of the best choices FTDNA ever made was the decision to allow volunteers to administer these type of projects. This typically allows the projects to have gurus dedicated to assist with members while reducing FTDNA's burden to provide expertise at this level.