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  • FF 5th cousin matches

    Hi I'd appreciate some insight into this.
    I have a 6X great grandfather (Nathaniel Starnes/Sterne poss.Stearns)
    Born about 1750 New England. I want to prove the connection to the Stearns line (original USA1630 Isaac Sterne/Stearns).
    I'm in Australia so research is on-line only I have exhausted that research.
    So, my question I has 3 matches with Stearns name origins at the 5th cousin level.
    Would that mean there was a definite lineage connection from Nathaniel to the Stearns line. I don't want to make an incorrect assumption.
    I'd really appreciate some input about this Thanks Jasmine

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    It wouldn't mean a definite connection. I have Isaac Stearns in my ancestry. I just checked my mother's FF and she has 11 matches who have Stearns in their surname lists. But they also have dozens of other matching surnames in their lists. There is no way to tell if the matching DNA came from Isaac or some combination of the other matching surnames.

    My mother's ancestry is over half colonial New England. If your Nathaniel Starnes/Sterne is your only New England ancestor then the chances might increase, but you have to remember there would have been several generations of females bringing other surnames into the mix.



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      FF 5th cousin

      Thanks Susan yes I see that it could have been a female Stearns match which has come up.
      Nathaniel married Jane Williams (possibly in Rhode Island) who unfortunately has so far proven untraceable. Also, she may have a female Stearns in her line. They are the only New England line in my history.
      More ongoing research needed! Thanks again Jasmine