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    I've done the Family Tree YDNA37 test, and just ordered the upgrade to YDNA67. I see lots of mentions of GENOMEMATE, GEDMATCH, DNAGEDCOM, etc. When I check these out, it looks like most of them want Family Finder data. Here's my question, do I need to do the Family Finder test also, or can the data be extracted from what I already have? Thanks for any help.

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    I am not familiar with genomate and dnagedcom, however I do use gedmatch. That is correct, gedmatch only utilizes family finder in it's system, so you need family finder results to upload your dna there. Gedmatch has had some difficulties lately, and has been working to fix some glitches... but it is a great sitre with thousands more matches for me than FTDNA. The tools there are great too.

    FTDNA does have a link on your yDNA match page to uplaod results to ySearch. That will get you a larger yDNA database. They also seem to be having some glitches, like when you upload it may give you an error message... but it might still have uploaded your DNA and you may be able to access the page later. That happened to me. I tried to upload 4 times, didn't work... tried a 5th time and it showed that my results were already there... then I realized my close matches were all from my kit lol. I deleted the extra uploads and am not having any more problems


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      As mentioned these programs use Family Finder (autosomal tests) data.

      We have 23 pairs of chromosomes, 46 single chromosomes, 23 singles from our mother of her randomly recombined pairs and 23 single chromosome of our father of his randomly recombined pairs.

      Y DNA test only tests the single y chromosome in the 23rd pair of males.

      Family Finder tests the chromosomes 1 thru 22 and the X of the 23 chromosome.(two X's in females, single X in males)

      So depending on what your goals are, you would have to test with Family Finder or another companies equivalent test to utilize these programs.

      Family Finder traces all lines where as yDNA is only represents the all male line of paternal line (One single chromosome out of 46).
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        Thanks again for the responses. prairielad that's a good explanation. I thought that was the case, but your laying it out for me makes it more clear to me.


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          I highly recommend I have recently uploaded my results and am using it to cross reference between FamilyTree and I also recommend that you go further and get the FamilyFinder test. I too am a beginner. There is a very steep learning curve when trying to understand DNA test results!


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            I love GEDmatch, but I've been getting a blank page any time I have tried to sign in for the last week or so.


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              Originally posted by Jim Barrett View Post
              I love GEDmatch, but I've been getting a blank page any time I have tried to sign in for the last week or so.
              The site has this message:

              GEDmatch is down for maintenance. We have made recent changes to the database, but apparently we still need to merge about 3 weeks worth of new matches. Rather than filling up our inbox with email we don't have time to answer, we are taking the site down again while we do these merges. It won't take as long as full batch processing, but because of the number of kits involved, it will likely take a few more days. We apologize for the inconvenience, and ask for your understanding.