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DNAPrint results: Significant Asian component in some Indo-European populations

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    No, I don't think the DNAPrint test provides information as to even coarse time frames. You would have to address that question to the folks at FamilyTreeDNA and

    The DNAPrint test can be used by genealogists for two purposes as I see it.

    It can be used for recent genealogy to assay one's genome and provide additional evidence to resolve those "rumors" in the recent family tree, say the last 6 generations, ... about possible "recent admixture" to one's main dominant population group.

    Other than that, in my opinion, it is predominantly used as an anthropological information tool which is used to assay one's genome and is providing information from much, much older sources from times prior to when traditional genealogical records are available. As an example, for most of us hobby genealogists it is pretty hard to get back beyond 500 years on all our branches. Maybe on a branch or two related to royalty, but very difficult on all branches of a Pedigree Chart back beyond 500 years. And the DNAPrint test would be picking up genetic content equally from all branches of one's Pedigree Chart all the way back for thousands and and thousands of years. So it could tell us in which continental population group most of our genome is from in ancient times.

    Yes, I have heard that about Genghis Khan and the other "great Khan" rulers in various parts of the world.

    I find this all very interesting.

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      I also read that Genghis Khan was born in Japan.

      Anyhow...having sent me off to look at a map that says nothing about Australia and yet colours New Zealand I thought I might mention that which I learnt as a school kid. I was told that both the Korrie (Australian Aboriginal) and the Maoris came down through Indonesia, the Korrie to Australia and the Maoris to Taihiti. From there they spread out to Hawaii and in 900 AD down to Aotearoa (NZ). Met a Tohunga (Witchdoctor) in South Australia in 1974 who seemed to suggest that the Koorie were the Army whilst the Maori were the Navy. I note that the Hawaiian language is the same as that of the Maori and that some Japanese words are very similar to the Maori word.

      By the way have you read Churchill's book the Lost Continent of Mu. Talks of a Continent...about where Australia is, and how they moved from there to Atlantis, before spanning out to Eygpt and South America.

      Also went to an African American site that mentioned the Slave Traders having children to their slaves...could this be your mtDNA showing, having used Asian slaves?