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  • to FTDNA help needed

    I have an elderly aunt who has done some kind of testing with maybe 3 years ago. She has agreed to move her results to FTDNA but has no idea how to do this.

    In fact she doesn't have the understanding re her tests to even provide details beyond "Viking Rus." She can't provide me with basic info such as the type of testing that she did. Apparently all she can give me are pages and pages of gibberish "raw data." (She must be missing some kind of initial interpretation.)

    Under these difficult circumstances, can anyone suggest a step-by-step that might help me port over her data to FTDNA?


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    That doesn't sound like she did's autosomal test - they have no Viking category. If she did test with (and she's not confusing it with AncestryByDNA, a totally different company), maybe she took the now defunct mtDNA test? Unfortunately, they discontinued this service so the data can no longer be downloaded. I don't know that it can be uploaded to FTDNA but maybe someone else will know more - I think you can only upload autosomal.

    These are the instructions for downloading's autosomal raw data:


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      3 years ago Ancestry was doing y-DNA (male lineage), mt-DNA (female lineage) and was just starting their autosomal testing (as-DNA -equivalent to FF and now their only offering, called Ancestry DNA).

      Get access to her Ancestry account. Download her raw data, if as- [y- or mt- data may need to be copied by hand or cut-n-pasted]. I don't think you can even transfer y- or mt- here but can compare, via y-search or mito-Search.

      Transferring as-DNA here is currently on free trial. Upload to GedMatch is free. "Both" is recommended.

      Go to for details for GedMatch.

      At ftDNA go here:

      Sign up/register and follow all the details for transfer:


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        Thanks for you help, folks.

        I discovered through others that she indeed did do an autosomal test. She has also told me that she uploaded to GED. Something I'm not that familiar about but will investigate. First off to look into the suggestions made to bring this data into FTDNA. Thanks again muchly.
        Rabbie boy