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Tota DNA newbie- rare number for 426

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  • Tota DNA newbie- rare number for 426

    It seems that my dad tested a 9 for 426. Everyone else I see, literally, is 12 with an occasional 11 or 13. Could anyone help explain what that might mean? We are part of the Clan Donald USA project. Seems really odd.

    Thank you,
    Colleen McConnell Bergthold

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    An administrator from your project would be the best person to ask that question.

    If they are not available (holidays etc.), please come back here.

    W. (Mr.)

    Any, any marker can change in any generation. The fact that some markers change much more often and some significantly less often, only changes probabilities. Thus in general (without going into your specific situation) a difference in a single marker might make some situations less probable, but not necessarily exclude or prove anything.


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      AFAIK, DYS426 is not considered a fast mutating marker.

      According to these stats, counts of 11 & 12 are the most common:

      So yes, a count of 9 is pretty rare, but it's not unique either.


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        I remember a post not too long ago where somebody had an outlier count like this. Ultimately it proved to be an entry error on ftdna's part. From what I understand, ftdna manually enters your results into the computer. So key errors are possible. I would suggest having ftdna check your values before assuming that the 9 is correct ...


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          p.s. the poster's value was shown as an outlier by comparison with other members of a project (who should have been close matches), not because the entered value does not exist elsewhere.


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            Errors do happen. Computer glitches, human omissions etc. cannot be eliminated, thus for my family research I am trying to test cousins, siblings or even children after a parent has already tested, to have chance in spotting problems mentioned by user MikeP.

            W. (Mr.)

            Double-checking is very natural. In some sense you just did that, by asking in the forum and not blindly accepting the results .


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              Originally posted by MikeP View Post
              I would suggest having ftdna check your values before assuming that the 9 is correct ...
              Certainly worth a query to FTDNA.


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                Thank you so much! I'll definitely ask if they can double check the number.