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    I am new to all this. So far I have had my a/s DNA transfered from while I wait for the results of my Y DNA test.
    The a/s transfer has identified 2 cousins where I can find links through their family trees. However, there seem to be dozens of people with NO family trees! What is the use of having DNA in common with them if there is no way of establishing a family link ?
    Help and advice please.

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    You're correct, the "genealogy" part of FTDNA's "genetic genealogy" is in bad shape. There are many possible reasons, but I have the impression that many genealogists don't know what a GEDCOM file is, and the FTDNA features for uploading and displaying genealogical information are neither easy to use nor particularly effective. Consequently, only a few of my Family Finder matches have posted usable genealogical information. Many suggestions for improvements have been made in this forum. So far, I see no evidence that management understands the issues.


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      Family Tree DNA introduced a completely new tree system a few months back. A lot of people who had already tested here didn't like the new trees. Some removed their trees. Since then, I've that noticed fewer and fewer of the people who have newly tested post trees.

      The clumsy design is one thing. But the real problem is that people can take parts of your tree and add it to their own willy-nilly without your permission or any proof of relationship. Sort of like clicking hint leaves at Ancestry where at least 80% of the trees must be nothing but repeatedly copied errors.

      On various Rootsweb mailing lists I subscribe to, I've seen people warning others not to post trees here, in response to queries about how to do it.


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        Try contacting your matches and include a list of surnames with locations and dates.

        I had a family tree here before FTDNA introduced the "new and improved" version. Realizing that the tree was impossible to navigate easily, I decided to delete my tests' trees. Having an adequate tree over at Ancestry, I don't need to try and keep two trees going. I know a number of people spoke about removing their trees when the new tree format came in.


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          Thank you for your replies. I had noticed the insecurity of some of the information on the trees posted here too. It is true that the trees on ancestry are often just copies containing mistakes: it takes time and judgement to correct these. It would be great if people could post reliable trees then relationships could be established. DNA on its own won't do that.
          I suppose it is still early days for this kind of research and more effective systems will be developed ? Otherwise people may just give up in frustration. I tried comparing DNA from people who I know are from one branch of my family hoping they would show the same DNA cm lengths: of course they don't.


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            I put a tree up for my son then took it down. I have too much private information on my tree, so I am working hard to keep it private. I use myHeritage, which I love. I use their webpage as well as a downloaded version on my computer and sync back and forth. The thing is, it is very hard to edit the FTDNA trees, so I need to continue editing in mmyHeritage.

            The biggest downside for me is that I am NOT a subscribed user of Ancestry. I did put up a free tree with my myHeritage gedcom, but since I do not PAY for an Ancestry subscription, I can NOT access other people's trees or e-mail them, even when they give me their userid and tree name. Maybe I just can't figure out how to do that, but so far I haven't been able to access even one.

            So... I am going through my cousin's and making them "private" as best as I can, so that I can share trees again! I don't really care if someone copies my tree (at their own risk, as I still need to verify much of it... which is one huge reason for DNA testing), I have done that too... BUT... I have been given information on living people that I do not want to share without consent out of respect for both the individual and the person who shared the information from their tree (some cousins have shared their research and family trees with me).


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              People can send you an invite to view their trees on ancestry. You would have to create an account to access the shared tree, but do not need to subscribe to ancestry.


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                Hmmm... sounds like myHeritage, but these "cousins" send me e-mails and give me their user id and tree names, and I can't get to them! So far the few people who have e-mailed me, seem to want info from me, but aren't reciprocating with the same effort I am putting into it. Partially because I don't seem to know how to "find" their trees I suppose... but I am not ready to worry too much about it yet. I won't really have time to search other trees until summer vacation anyway. At lease one of these cousins only matched at 7cM, so I am not too sure we would get very far anyway! I only have one who has e-mailed me who I am giving more time to... someone trying to figure out their connection to my Paternal line via his great (great?) grandmother who is the only member of his family he knows of with the same surname. We match at a significant enough level that it is worth it to me to do my best to help him. I don't think it will further my tree, as the connection seems to be slightly more recent than my most distant paternal ancestor, but if we can find the link, my tree will definitely add a lot to his.