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  • Anyone Else?? Any Advice??

    Hi Guys
    I am a little embarrassed to even post on here, because my understanding is so limited but....her goes..... My brother took the 67 marker YDNA test. Our surname supposedly Davis. We know our ancestors back to a birth in 1832 with our 3rd Great Grandfather. We know nothing of his family and can not go back any further, and we thought the YDNA would help us solve this mystery. To our only have about 5 Davis names we match at a 7th genetic distance....too long ago to even trace....we remain ungrouped in the Davis/Daies/David project. However we did a R1B1..Scotts Panel and were told we split off the McGregor name in 1200s....and are actually grouped with the McGregor's under the name of the son of the founder of the fact, most of the names we are related to were Scottish names....our closest matches being Drummond...who was once McGregor and Logan, at a genetic distance of 3 (8 generations back with about a 50% level of confidence??? how does a traditional Sctottish man get pegged with a Welsh name??? I don't know who I am looking for. Am I looking for a Davis? A McGregor? I am soooooo confused. I have tried looking these other folks up on ancestry, but they are not easy to find....imagine that....that is probably why they did the ydna also.......all I have ever wanted to do was be able to tell my dad who his immigrant ancestor is. My dad is getting to where he has more bad days than good days...not that he has been diagnosed with anything but is getting older...I know that progenealogists have to make a living too, and can't just do things for free, but man some folks just don't have the 2500.00 to spend.....I've been praying for God to lead me to someone who might could help me....maybe one of you guys will hold the key in advice...ya never know...I have an extensive tree on ancestry and have done all I can do least I think I've done all I can do. I've made a trip to two of the states I know where he was living....running out of ideas and not getting anywhere...thanks guys for listening and I would appreciate any advice. My family tree kit is 325152 and we are Benjamin E Davis 1832 GA....thanks Cindy

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    Remember, the areas of your surnames ARE in the general area of each other, therefore, it is very believable that somewhere along the way migration took place. Also, your Davis Line might have had a name change along the way, perhaps due to adoption/death of a bio parent.

    I dunno.... I am still waiting on my yDNA from my dad to confirm our lineage! We know it until the early to mid 1700's

    My mtDNA is what I want to trace, my Great-Grandmother's parents came from Ireland, but he was English and she was Irish (he was a tax collector for the king and thus was in Ireland collecting taxes before they came to America to marry). I am showing mtDNA matches (very few) in the entire region of Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, Scandinavia, Germany etc. I am just barely getting started with that research.


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      Thanks for answering. I hope you get all the answers you are searching. Sounds like it will be an interesting story. There should be documentation over seas for sure..working for the cool.....Take Care