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    My tree now shows one of the early member with a circle and comment "Your are a family finder match.

    Does that means the data confirms that this is my ancestor?

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    These are just people in your match list whos names match up with a name in your tree. It has either been linked by you or that match. It is not due to automatic FTDNA confirmed DNA link but through the end users input.

    FTDNA only suggests due to similar names with the purple paperclip like icon.
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      Why do some of the people on my tree have a purple paperclip attached to their profile?/ How do I link a match to my tree?

      The purple paperclip is a link icon that lets you know that one of your matches has a similar name to that entry in your tree. You can click the icon to link your match to the tree if you are certain they are the same person as the entry that was suggested. You can also click on the matches box on the top left hand side of the page and drag your matches name into the entry that you would like to link them to. This will import all of their profile information including their profile picture, most distant known ancestors, haplogroups, ancestral surnames and birthdates that they have entered.

      Does the system compare my tree to my match’s tree to come up with link suggestions?

      No, link suggestions are based on your matches name only. The soundex system will identify matching or similar sounding names between the entries in your tree and your matches’ names and alert you to any possible links to investigate.