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PLEASE HELP - Interpreting DNA results

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  • PLEASE HELP - Interpreting DNA results

    I'm new to autosomal DNA testing (any DNA testing, actually), and need help to make sure I am interpreting the results correctly. I'm trying to identify my paternal great-grandfather. My family's oral history and some reasonably good paper trails narrowed the most likely candidate down to one of three brothers who are the sons of a man named Anthony. I had my uncle tested (father's brother) as well as well as a known grandson of one the three brothers. The results came back from Family Finder as 2nd - 4th Cousins with shared cM of 115. My understanding is shared cM of 115 would indicate a 3rd cousin relationship which would be a generation further removed than my suspicions. I ran the results through GEDMatch, and those results indicated 3.8 generations to the MRCA, which would have been Anthony, and which is consistent with my suspicions (and certainly what I'm hoping to find, so I need to keep emotion out of the interpretation).

    So, my questions:

    Are the results between FF and GEDMatch consistent with each other?

    Is a FF shared cM of 115 within a range that could be 2nd cousins?

    I assume either result would eliminate the grandfather of my uncle's match as my great-grandfather, which would require my uncle and the match to be half 1st cousins.

    Would Y-DNA tests help provide a more definitive connection?

    Any other advice or suggestions for further consideration?