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  • New at this what's next?

    Now that the test is done am at a loss...My matche's are Marker 12 14 match's GD 0 Maker 25 26 match's GD 2(not the same people as 12) and Marker's 37 and 67 None. It say's the haplogroup is R-M269. I have no idea what to do next Please help. I had my Uncle take the test now I will have my Mother take one I waited 3 months for this one now I don't know what to do with the Info.

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    First, I suggest you join the R1b All Subclades project. Then write to the administrator, asking:

    - Who is my numerically nearest neighbor at 67 markers? How far away is he?

    - Can you predict the subclade of M269 to which I belong? Can you suggest a specific SNP test or suite?

    You can also try to find your uncle's surname among the lower-resolution (12- and 25-marker) matches. If you find a surname match, write to that man encouraging him to upgrade to more markers (if he has not already) in order to confirm or refute that you are patrilineally related.


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      Now what

      Thank you so much I will do this right away