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Native American Y Hg Q as Northern-Atlantean signature

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  • M.O'Connor
    This area interests you. It would be cool if they find a cemetary.

    Ruins of Harrappan city found in Haryana

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  • MAB
    As Haplogroup X only makes up 7% (the percentage varies depending on what you read and is often lower than 7%) of Europeans I would think that makes X uncommon.

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  • Hrodberht
    started a topic Native American Y Hg Q as Northern-Atlantean signature

    Native American Y Hg Q as Northern-Atlantean signature

    Y-DNA Hg Q, when found in Europeans of unmixed European lineage as in the Shetlands Islands and Northern Europe, is considered an "unequivocal Norse signature"--

    Q dominates in Native Americans. Q is a close brother to the Indo-European R1b and R1a. The other main Y-DNA Hg in Native Americans is the Afro-asian C.

    It is crucial to remember that genetic heritage is nonlinear and the temporary outward appearance of certain complexly mixed ethnic groups can conceal certain racial historical facts. In the case of Native Americans, what the genetics reveal is an interaction between primitive Southern tribes with Afro-Asiatic affinities and tribes of a Northern origin. The Southern Mitochondrial DNA groups of America probably correspond to A, B, C, and D. The mysterious and rare MtDNA Haplogroup X is a marker common in Eurasian Caucasoids. This is key.

    Anthropologists have shown that a significant portion of the original invaders of America were craniofacially indistinct from Europeans and definitely non-Mongoloid. The pictures are fascinating:

    The original Q bearers to America probably brought MtDNA X with them, but this lineage became less common over time.

    What I am proposing is that, in all likelihood, the Caucasoid/White appearance of the original Y-DNA Q and MtDNA X tribes to invade America was practically intermixed out of existence by a process of submergence within Southern populations. This explains the "Caucasian" Kennewick Man problem.

    This is a common phenomenon throughout history. The light-featured ('hari' means blonde) Ariyas who invaded and established civilizations in the Iranian region and India originally had Northern-Europoid features but lost their distinctiveness by gradually dissolving into Afro-Asiatic matriarchal lineages.

    Everyone knows the numerous legends concerning the American White stocks of supernatural conquerors credited with creating various civilizations (see L. Spence, The Mythologies of Ancient Mexico and Peru). Analogous legends are found in North America too.

    All these facts tie in together.

    Native American Q (teamed up with MtDNA X) thus could be a formerly "White", Nordic-Atlantean signature before extensive interbreeding with Southern populations. Thus, the White solar Atlantean hero of the Maya, Quetzalcoatl. The Nahuatlans, Toltecs, and the Aztecs all retain the memory of Tula (Thule) and Aztlan, i.e. the Northern-Atlantic seat.

    Am I the only one to come to this insight?