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Special offers - not on FTDNA site

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  • Special offers - not on FTDNA site

    FTDNA has some very good offers via My Heritage site - here are 2, there are others
    Combo 1.. mtFullSequence, Family finder and Y-37 tests $368 Combo 2..mtFullSequence & Family Finder $199
    Discover your ancestry - DNA testing reveals both your ancestry and ethnicity. Order your DNA test kit.

    One of the others would be a good deal for those who have only tested Family Finder so far,
    Y-DNA67 + mtDNAPlus $298 thats a saving of $170 !!! but I don't see that you can use this to an upgrade for existing kit at FTDNA. Unless I'm mistaken it looks like it will send out a new kit with new kit number and from what I'm told FTDNA will not/cannot combine 2 kits.

    Why haven't FTDNA put these offers on their own site so existing members can boy direct or upgrade?

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    Why hasn't ftDNA advertised these? Probably because myHeritage,like some other organisations has some kind of discounted test buying arrangement so they can on-sell kits, and its up to them whether they sell at usual retail price or pass on the discount. I know I have access to discounted kits through a membership organisation in that way. The myHeritage price structure is nothing to do with ftDNA, so why would they advertise someone else's discounts when they can keep on selling at the usual price? FtDNA does offer substantial discounts in their sales though, so worth waiting for the next one of those if you are wanting to upgrade a kit.