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Advice on Mexican & Chinese kits @ the big 3, please?

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  • Advice on Mexican & Chinese kits @ the big 3, please?

    The very best Christmas present I got this year was that my father is going to take a DNA test to help me with my tree research. \o/ This is the side (Mexican & Chinese) I know the least about, so it's really exciting! I ordered a kit with autosomal & Y67 tests from FTDNA during the big holiday sale. Now, the Y will give me some clues about my dad's Chinese immigrant paternal grandfather Lew Him's line. And of course, the autosomal will hopefully help with both that & all the Mexican lines on his mom Juanita Rangel's side. I was thinking that I'd eventually want to add in mitochondrial (plus for now, full when I can afford it ), especially as there's going to be a big Rangel reunion this summer & I'd love to have something interesting to share.

    But. It's a long story, but this is basically going to be a one-shot opportunity when it comes to getting my samples. So, do you think that instead of adding the FTDNA mito+ now, it might be a better plan to order a 23 & Me kit and give it to him at the same time as the FTDNA one? That way I'd get the autosomal & Y at 2 of the big 3 companies & at least some basic mito at 23 & Me. Then I could add the mito+/full to the existing kit at FTDNA at my leisure. I don't think I can swing the additional 23 & Me plus an AncestryDNA. It's not just the cost, but also the idea of shoving 3 tests at the poor guy all at once.

    What do you think? I'm trying to cover as much searching ground as possible without going broke or crazy. So far I've tested myself & my mom at both AncestryDNA & FTDNA, and my maternal grandmother @ FTDNA only. We're all in gedmatch too, of course. So far, the closest matches on my dad's side seem to be in AncestryDNA. Would it be better for the additional kit be from Ancestry instead of 23 & me? Which testing company has a larger testing pool of Hispanic &/or Asian kits? Thanks for any opinions or advice.

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    Regardless of the testing company, full mtDNA is the only option that potentially might help with genealogy, as otherwise you only learn the major haplogroup, e.g. A, B, C or D.



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      Originally posted by dna View Post
      Regardless of the testing company, full mtDNA is the only option that potentially might help with genealogy, as otherwise you only learn the major haplogroup, e.g. A, B, C or D.

      Or H, J, K which also exist in Mexicans who have a maternal line from Spain.


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        You definitely need the Full Sequence mtDNA test in order to possibly find a match in a genealogical time frame.

        If your father's mtDNA turns out to be is Native American it will be harder to prove a connection with matches than if it turns out to be from Spain. Of course how well documented your matches trees are will also be factor regardless of the haplogroup and matches.

        Have you been able to find out which part of Mexico your father's ancestors on his maternal side were from? Rangel is a surname that is more common in northern Mexico.


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          Definitely do the Family Finder Test!! And YDNA 67 may be useful.

          As to the MtDNA - do not waste your money on the MtDNA-plus -- last I looked, to upgrade from it to full was almost as much as to just do the Full by itself. Also - even with MtDNA Full and 0 (zero) steps - the match may be from many, many generations ago. If you are trying to decide which wife someone is descended from (direct maternal descent), it may be useful - but usually, in my view, it is just for curiosity, and is not genealogically useful.

          There is something to be said for testing at more than one company, so if you can afford it, it might be quite useful. I have only tested here, so cannot advise between the other two. But - probably a better idea to spend your money on adding the testing at one of them, rather than on adding MtDNA right now - you can always add it later, when it is on sale (again) and you are financially flush again, if you still want it.
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            Remember to use the 15for15 code to get $15 off any test at the moment. Despite what the nay sayers say... When you can afford it, Do do the mtDNA Full Sequence and join the relevant projects, same with the Y tests, do what you can afford as you go along and join the pojects.

            The more that do all 3 tests (Y111 - FF - mtFull) the better it will be for all of us trying to trace our history.


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              I'll address the mtDNA full sequence test. If you do the plus it will just give you the simple Haplogroup. I did it with my brother and he's an H. Since we share the same mother, I didn't really think out having him do the full sequence as I did. Fortunately, I started with the full sequence for myself, it showed me where my mother was actually place on the branching of the haplogroup, as an H10c1. My brother gets all sorts of H branches tossed his way as matches where I don't.

              If you do test just the plus level, then when you want to test for the full sequence there is no discount for having done the plus part. They have to run the full sequence through all levels again. Makes sense only to do the FMS to begin with.