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Guide to DNA Testing FREE for 5 Days.

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  • Guide to DNA Testing FREE for 5 Days.

    My Kindle Short Book, Guide to DNA Testing, will be free on Amazon from now through 12/16. Inside you’ll find information about the different DNA test types, their strengths and limitations. Hyperlinks to specific tests and other valuable resources are included. This book will be FREE for the next five days at

    This brief guide only includes the key facts and tips necessary to get people started. If you have already scaled the learning curve, this book is not written for you. Yet you surely have friends, relatives and others that need some motivation and basic knowledge to get started. Please copy this link and share it widely. Also download the book yourself even if you don’t need it. That will help the sales ranking on Amazon and draw more readers to the book. If it helps more people get tested, we can all benefit from new matches. Thank you!

    You don’t need a Kindle device to read this or other Kindle books. Amazon will provide a free reader for any computer, tablet or smartphone.

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    Cool! Thank you!