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  • tech support

    Is there any kind of tech support for I'm having some issues with it:

    - get a lot of "error 500" pages, when I try to upload a GEDCOM, when I try and contact a match, etc.
    - when I edit my username, all my results show up (just upgraded to Y-DNA 37 markers). When I compare, it just uses the first 12 markers
    - results get uploaded from FTDNA multiple times for some reason

  • #2 tech support

    I have been unable to upload my gedcom to the site. The reason is given as "error 500" - unable to display information in the file. The response I got from FTDNA tech support was that the site has problems and may be discontinued.

    I think that the reason you are getting results based on 12 markers is that no matches were found based on your 25 and 37 marker results. When I get a listing based on my 37 marker results, the list includes matches based on fewer markers, 25 or 12 for example as well as matches for all 37 markers.

    That probably means that people who do match your y-dna well have not bothered to post their results or more likely haven't gotten test yet.


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      This has been happening to me for about a year

      The inability to use YSearch renders it pointless for FTDNA to continue to consider it an adjunct to FTDNA. It is seriously in need of attention, but FTDNA does not control it.


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        Any recommendations on sites to try and move my results to? I waited months for an upgrade, but when I get it, I match absolutely nobody.


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          If I remember right on another thread here at the forums it was stated that FTDNA has no intentions to update or support ysearch any longer.

          I don't know if that is because there are better tools to use or they are to busy fixing all the mistakes/bugs in their current website.