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Best Test for Females?

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  • Elistariel
    Perhaps you could try one of those tests that determine ethnicity percentages. I haven't done one myself, nor do I know how accurate they are.

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    Guest started a topic Best Test for Females?

    Best Test for Females?

    Being member of other forum, I apologize if this is misplaced or repeated!

    My Fathers family is directly Irish.
    However, my Mothers family contains quite a lot of folklore behind her purported Italian/Austrian background.

    Her Austrian background is almost impossible to trace due to the rumored name change around WWI (changed name to 'Marchu' which has hardly any or no surname records). Her Italian side was passed down through stories, but due to many dead/lost relatives, nothing is certain.

    Sadly, there are no direct males from either side still living.
    I have seen many tests pertain to males only, which would be the best test for a female that would be the most explicit?

    Also, if there is any more information which you could include about the process, I would be grateful.
    I'm trying to convince my Father to get tested for his Irish lineage as well.