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Could my tests be wrong?

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  • Could my tests be wrong?


    I got my autosomal DNA test results yesterday and found something that I wasn't expecting:

    All my known relatives are Portuguese descent and I know one of them could also be African, because of the way my mom describe her appearance. I also know I have some native American genes. Everything showed on the test, and that wasn't very surprising.

    It is nice to have a percentage breakdown, but the only problem with my result is that I am 7% Scandinavian. There have been a Scandinavian immigration in Brazil, but it is not mentioned in books or school. The only article I found was in English, and it says around 800,000 - 1M Brazilians are Scandinavian descent, and most of the Scandinavians went exactly to my region (northeastern Brazil), specifically to the state of CearĂ¡ (my state) and Rio Grande do Norte.

    I was expecting my tests to show some Dutch, but it didn't happen. I will order a test for my parents and siblings, to clear somethings out, but I wonder if this 7% Scandinavian could be something else. The tests show that I am more Scandinavian than Native American, and that was a bit surprising, and it's probably not right.

    Here is my Ethnic Makeup:

    77% European
    - 70% Southern Europe
    - 7% Scandinavia
    10% African
    - 9% West Africa
    - 1% East Central Africa
    6% New World
    - 6% Native American
    5% Middle Eastern
    - 4% North Africa
    - 1% Eastern Middle East
    2% East Asian
    - 2% Northeast Asia

    And here are my gedmatch (eurogene k13) results:

    North_Atlantic 28.16% (where exctly is that?)
    Baltic 9.22%
    West_Med 21.40%
    West_Asian 4.14%
    East_Med 10.63%
    Red_Sea 4.04%
    South_Asian 0.12%
    Siberian 0.43%
    Amerindian 9.25%
    Oceanian 0.54% (I doubt it)
    Northeast_African 2.55%
    Sub-Saharan 9.52%

    Can anyone give me any additional information on what could have happened? It's not that we don't have Scandinavian phenotype (because we do), it's just that it's unknown to us.
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    I am speculating at this point, but the scandinavian admixture may have happened in Portugal or North Africa. The vikings really got around.


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      You should take this result with a big grain of salt.

      For example, my results were:
      40% British Isles
      39% Scandinavia
      19% Southern Europe
      1% Finland and Northern Siberia

      I am native dutch, so I might expect mostly Western Europe.


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        Thank you so much guys, this is exactly what I needed!


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          I found many 4th-5th cousins in Finland on GedMatch. The Scandinavian results might actually be true.


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            Here's the answer I got from FamilyTreeDNA:

            "Dear Edvaldo Moreira dos Santos Junior,
            Thank you for your email and I apologize for the delay in my reply. The Scandinavian reference population could indeed indicate Dutch ancestry, there is not a specific reference population that would show only Such ancestry, it would either be included in Scandinavian, Central Europe, or British Isles. Due to the migration through that area we see a mixture of ancestry, so my best guess would be this Scandinavian ancestry would be reflecting your Dutch ancestry.
            Regarding the Euroegenes interpretation I am not certain what North Atlantic may refer to, maybe Northern European? I am not certain if gedmatch has an explanation as to what the different reference populations are."