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    On another research DNA site, several new markers are noted, along with a revision of the Hg I cladogram. Here, part of I* has been combined with I1c and linked to I1b so that old I1c (M223) now becomes I1b2a* with further differentiation possible via M284 and M379. This is recent development (2006).

    As a probable I1c (100% confidence using the haplotype predictor??), I am interested in any new information about revised population group identification and migration based on the new haplotypes. Any knowledgeable folk please post observations and links. Hopefully the Hg predictor will be updated for this new genotype in the future when some new haplotypes make their way into the database.

    Searching for any match for my I1C alleles on the Internet, I have yet to find an exact match anywhere, although I came close, missing by 1 repeat at 389-1. It seems to be somewhat rare. Anyone else done extensive searching without finding an exact I1c match? Mine begins 15 23 15 10 15 15 ...

    Hopefully, there will be a global online search available for matching alleles in various databases.