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  • which build to upload

    I want to upload my raw data to GedMatch. Which build do I use--36 or 37? And, what is the difference?

    Thank you,

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    Kimmer, when you are logged in to GEDmatch, and click "FTDNA Family Finder" under the File Uploads section, it takes you to a page entitled "GEDmatch Data Upload for FTDNA raw DNA data files." There is a link just below the title, for more detailed upload directions. That link takes you to another GEDmatch page, "FTDNA DNA Upload - Uploading FTDNA data to Gedmatch."

    To finally answer your question, it says at that last page that "You must download both Build 36 Autosomal Raw Data and Build 36 X Chromosome Raw Data." If you happen to be using a Mac, click on the link on the same page to read more about Macintosh files.

    As for the difference between Builds 36 and 37, someone more knowledgeable than I am will need to explain it, but I think of it as having basically all your same information, only in a newer format. GEDmatch prefers the older format. Someone will correct me on that if I'm way off-base.