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  • Could someone explain me this

    Hello everyone!

    I'd like to know why I have more matches on 12 markers (I only have matches with 12 markers) with people that doesn't share my SNP (df99).

    The tip report shows that it's highly probable (91,41%) that me and an exact match (that is listed just as M269) share an ancestor back to 24 generations. I could only conclude either that this guy is df99, or df99 is younger thant 24 generations.

    P.S. I just have one df99 match at GD 1 and 3 L21 at the same GD.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Originally posted by Canato View Post
    [----] it's highly probable (91,41%) [----]
    These are the key words! It is only highly probable and not certain.

    It is like with the polls before elections. Until the final election results are announced, you are only sampling.

    By the way, your situation is quite normal. People would have over one hundred matches with 12 markers, but match nobody at 25 marker level. So clearly those matching might be from different haplogroups. Also Y-DNA12 tests STRs, so SNPs are only predicted = highly probable.

    You did not tell us whether your R-DF99 had been predicted, or you tested your SNP (or SNPs) in addition to whatever Y-DNA STR tests you had taken.


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      Thanks for the information!

      About my SNP, it was detected by the Big Y.


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        Originally posted by Canato View Post
        [----] About my SNP, it was detected by the Big Y.
        That is very good!

        When displaying Y-DNA - Matches, there is a column named Terminal SNP. People who do not have it blank, had their terminal SNP tested, so it is not a predicted one, but a found one. You can sort by that column. If you click on the column heading twice, the non-blank results would be on the top.

        What can you do about it? Unfortunately, not much. At least those, who are exactly matching you with 12 markers and have the same terminal SNP as you do, are the ones that are really the closest to you. However, we are taking about very many generations...
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